Courtesy of Hossein Fatemi

2021 Themes

The BarTur Photo Award is open to those working in the fine arts, documentary, fashion, advertising, journalism and all other fields of photographic image making. Echo the achievements of those who came before us or “push the envelope” with innovation.  Whether you are inspired by your personal experience or by the urgent issues of our time, you are invited to share your vision.
This year we are eager to support photographers whose work illuminates one of these three themes: UNITY IN DIVERSITYCLIMATE CHANGE or HUMAN LOVE.

Courtesy of Ilvy Njiokiktjien

Unity in Diversity

As we move further forward into the 21st century, and our planet becomes smaller with increased internet connectivity and global travel, we see greater cross-cultural human interaction, but also a rise in tensions as culture, religion, politics and economies collide. Compounded by climate change and strains on resources, these tensions are likely to become a significant challenge to governments and institutions over the next decade. But yet, diversity is the DNA of humanity and its development of art and culture. 

Climate Change

Venice is vanishing inch by inch.  Beijing is barely visible through the smog.  Ice receding, penguins and walruses search for anywhere to rest. “Ghost forests” of coastal trees are choked to death by salt-water. Islands of plastic garbage accumulate in oceans. Fires in California rage for days and destroy entire towns. Drought in Africa sparks wars – which send families fleeing to other continents - where they meet with hostility stoked by fear and political extremism. Climate Change is now, pressing on us. How can we make a change to save the planet and its inhabitants from disaster? 

Courtesy of Ann Inger Johansson


Courtesy of Raul Ariano

Human Love

Since the beginning of human kind we have been practicing and celebrating Human Love.
Send us your images of this wonderful emotion.