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Terms & Conditions

Courtesy of Giulia Minolfi

Terms and Conditions




“Artist Statement” means a short biographical statement, 250 words, written in the third person, that will be featured in the publicity material


“Award Ceremony” means the event to announce the Winners of each Theme and award the Prizes to those Winners


“Closing Date” means Friday 29th September 2023, 23:59GMT


“Competition” means the Bar-Tur Photo Award 2023


“Deadline Extension” means the decision to extend the closing date past the original specified time.


“Entrant” means all persons who are eligible to enter the Competition as described in clause 1 “eligibility to enter” of these terms & conditions


“Highly Commended” means the Image was not selected to win a prize, was still considered meritorious


“High Resolution File” means a 300dpi file of your Image between 10MB and 25MB     


“Image” means the Photograph submitted to the Competition


“Jury” means those who will select the Winners of the Competition from the Shortlisted Images


“Opening Date” means 15th June 2023


“Photograph” means a recording of light or other radiation on any medium on which an Image is produced or from which an Image may by any means be produced or from which an Image may be any means be produced, and which is not part of a film


“Prizes” means the award given to the Winners of the Competition as stated in clause 11 of these terms and conditions


“Publication” means a catalogue that may be produced, subject to funding at the end of the Competition which features a selection of the Shortlisted Entrants and the Winners of the Competition


“Shortlisted” means an Entrant who has been selected in the first round of selection


“Submission” means either a single image or a series of up to five images


“Themes” means the themes listed on the website


“Time of Notification” means the email and/or telephone correspondence informing the Entrant of the selection to the shortlist


“Touring Exhibition” means the Images of the Winners, Highly Commended and Judges' Choice that will be exhibited at a number of venues


“Judges' Choice” means the Image was not selected to win a prize, but was selected by the Jury as being meritorious


"Winners” means those who have been selected to be awarded the first prize in both Themes.


Before considering entry to the Competition, please read through the Terms and Conditions below. Note that any deviation from these Terms and Conditions may regretfully render your submission to the Competition void.




1.          The competition is open to both amateur and professional photographers


i.           Entry to the Competition is free.


ii.          The competition is open to anyone producing photographic work.





2.1       The Opening Date for entering the Competition is 15th June 2023.


2.2       The Closing Date for the Competition is 23:59 GMT 29th September 2023. Any entries received after the Closing Date will be discounted.


2.3       The BarTur Photo Award reserves the right to move extend the Closing Date.


2.3       Entries must arrive before or on the Closing Date. The Bar-Tur Photo Awards accepts no responsibility for any entries that are incomplete, illegible, or fail to reach the address given by the Closing Date. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.





3.1       Each Professional Entrant may enter as many times as they want to the Competition. Each Submission may be a single image, a series of up to five images, a series up to ten image.

3.2       Only still Images will be accepted for entry to the Competition. Moving Images are unacceptable.

3.3       Entries to the Competition will only be accepted via the Competition website

3.4       All Entrants shall provide their name, address, telephone number and email address details when submitting their Image. This information will be used solely by The Bar-Tur Photo Award in the following circumstances:

i.          to inform Entrants that they have been Shortlisted;


ii.         to inform the Winners of the Competition,


iii.        for the purposes of updating and improving The Bar-Tur Photo Awards database


iv.        and for any other reason connected to the Competition





By submitting Images to the Competition, each Entrant confirms and warrants that:


4.1       they are the sole author of each entry and that it is their original work;


4.2       they own the copyright and any other intellectual property rights of each Image;


4.3       they have the permission of anyone pictured in the Image (or, where the Image shows any persons under the age of 18, the written consent of their parent/guardian must be provided) for the usage rights required by the Competition and will indemnify The Bar-Tur Photo Award against any claims made by any third parties in respect of such infringement;


4.4       they have not licensed or disposed of any rights in the Image that would conflict with uses to be made by The Bar-Tur Photo Award; and


4.5       they have received any necessary permissions from the owner(s) of buildings and or objects included in submitted Images for the usage rights required by the Competition and will indemnify The Bar-Tur Photo Award against any claims made by any third parties in respect of such infringement.





5.1    By entering the Competition, each Entrant shall grant The Bar-Tur Photo Award and its sponsors and supporters a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to reproduce, enlarge, publish or exhibit, on any media, the Images for any purpose directly connected with the Competition. This may include, but is not limited to: inclusion in a book or catalogue of winning and commended Images; display at exhibitions and connected exhibitions; display on a web browser for judging purposes; on the Bar-Tur website and on the websites of sponsors and supporters; for use in press releases to be distributed to national, regional & specialist press giving information about or promoting the competition; magazine coverage of the Competition and Touring Exhibition.


5.2       Each Entrant whose Image is accepted will have their name published alongside it wherever used as part of the Competition. Note that this accreditation will not be possible with use of the Entrant’s Image in printed publications, general Bar-Tur Award website use or incorporation on any other media outside the context of the Competition.


5.3       All Entrants agree that The Bar-Tur Photo Award can sub-license Images to the media for reproduction in connection with the Competition and Touring Exhibition only.


5.4       The Bar-Tur Photo Award will make every reasonable effort to ensure that name credits are given to any Image published in any medium.


5.5       Free usage of any Image will not be permitted by Bar-Tur Award, or any of its partners or sponsors outside of the scope of the Competition and Touring Exhibition.


5.6       The Images uploaded onto the Bar-Tur website will be archived on this site and will be held there indefinitely. There is no plan, or any of its partners or sponsors, to create a general commercial library of the Images entered into this Competition.


5.7       Images produced for the touring exhibition, ad the cost of the BarTur Photo Award will be owned by the BarTur Photo Award and will be used for future travelling exhbitions . If the photographer would like to be part of the BarTur Award Exhibition, they will be required to complete a certificate of authenticity issued by the Award organiser. This will include the Photographer's name, title of the work, edition number (if applicable) and signature. 

5.8       Commercial use of Images not directly associated with the Competition will be at the Entrants’ discretion and with their permission and, on granting such permission, will be subject to a reasonable payment.


5.9       One image of the winning work(s) will be produced to enter the BarTur Photo Award Archive for future exhibition.


5.10       Royalties will be discussed & negotiated between The Bar-Tur Photo Award and the Entrant for any use of the Image not covered by these terms and conditions.


5.9     Entrants retain the copyright to Images submitted.


5.7 mages produced for the touring exhibition, ad the cost of the BarTur Photo Award will be owned by the BarTur Photo Award and will be used for future travelling exhbitions . If the photographer would like 

To be part of the BarTur Award Exhibition  the photographer will fill up certificate of 

Authenticity sent to him by the Award organizer, with his name and signature 

And any comments or title he would like the public to know and send back to the award organizers .



6. SALES OF IMAGES (For Photographers that want to participate in BarTur image sales)


6.1      Printed Images of the those winners who opt in will be available for sale during the Touring Exhibition, at the Award Ceremony, and for a period of one year after the Award Ceremony to raise money for future awards.


6.2       The sale price will be determined by The Bar-Tur Photo Award, in consultation with the Photographer.


6.4       Proceeds from the sale of the first sold print will go to The Bar-Tur Photo Award.


6.5       Net proceeds from subsequent sales of an Image (after printing costs) will be split 30% to The Bar-Tur Photo Award and 70% to the owner of the Image.

7.         Policies


7.1       The Bar-Tur Photo Award reserves the right to remove or refuse any entries from the Competition for any reason. 


7.2       Images will not be accepted into the Competition if they are deemed inappropriate. This includes Images that may be offensive, previously published, copyrighted (by somebody other than the Entrant) or otherwise contrary to the spirit of the Competition or any of the specific rules noted for each Competition Theme. Images will not be accepted to the Competition if the focus of the Image is an identifiable individual who has not given their consent to appear or if the Image features advertising or trademarks which would otherwise require The Bar-Tur Photo Award to obtain permission to use or would contravene rules which may govern The Bar-Tur Photo Award publications. 


7.3       Any Images which are deemed inappropriate will not be considered by the judges. Whilst the Bar-Tur Photo Award will try to notify Entrants of the reasons why their Image has not been accepted, we cannot guarantee a personal response or dialogue for all Images.  


7.4       Should an Image be identified as inappropriate whilst it has been accepted into the Competition, The Bar-Tur Photo Award reserves the right to remove it from the Competition, disqualifying the Entrant (an example of this scenario is if an Image is accepted, but later identified as a copyrighted Image from a film or magazine where the Entrant was not the photographer or the copyright holder).


7.5       The decision of the Judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 


7.6       Should the entries in any Theme fall below the standard required by the Competition organisers then the organisers reserve the right not to award Prizes.


7.7       The Bar-Tur Photo Award’s web Privacy Policy applies to the Competition and use of the Competition website. 


7.8       Once entered, Images cannot be withdrawn unless The Bar-Tur Photo Award are notified of a permissions problem in which case if The Bar-Tur Photo Award are satisfied that there is evidence sufficient to justify withdrawal the Images will be withdrawn.





8.1       The Winners, Judges' Choice, 2nd and 3rd Places, and Highly commended Images from the Competition will be included in a Touring Exhibition. The Bar-Tur Photo Award will work with sponsors to print high quality prints for the Touring Exhibition from the High-Resolution File that is provided by the Shortlisted Entrants.


8.2       The BarTur Photo Award will own the work printed for the touring exhibition. The photographer will retain full copyright of the work.





9.1       A panel of photography experts known as the judges/jury will review all of the submitted Images. They will select Images based upon technical skill, diversity, originality, creativity of composition and connection to theme. Judging will be anonymous. The Judges will select up to 30 Images per Theme. These will form the Shortlisted Entrants. All Shortlisted Entrants will be contacted by email and/or telephone and will then have 10 days to supply a High-Resolution File. Failure to produce a High-Resolution File within the designated time period could eliminate an Entrant from the shortlist.


9.2       The Shortlisted Entrants Images are reviewed by a second round of Judges where winners will be selected.


9.3       Shortlisted Entrants shall supply an Artists Statement. 


9.4       All Winners will be notified by telephone or email. A list of the winners will be published on the Bar-Tur Photo Award website.





10.1     Any Shortlisted Entrant whose Image is taken digitally or on film, must within 10 days of notification:


i.  Provide a High-Resolution File. Details of how to send the file will be provided at the Time of Notification.


ii.  Failure to provide a High-Resolution File within 10 days of notification may result in an Entrant forfeiting their Prize and/or place in the Exhibition.



11.1     There will be the following Prizes:


  1. Total cash prizes of $20,000

  2. Inclusion in the BarTur Photo Award touring exhibition


11.2     For awards supported by LEICA Fotografie Magazine, winners will be invited for a conversation about the potential loan of a LEICA Camera. Loans of LEICA Camera’s are subject to LEICA Fotografie International’s terms and conditions.


11.3     The Bar-Tur Photo Award reserves the right to change the Prizes to that of a comparable standard due to unforeseen circumstances. Or the Bar-Tur Award has the right to change the Prizes at any time.





12.1     During 2023 there will be an Award Ceremony. Prizes will be awarded at this event. Winners will be invited to attend at their own cost. 


12.2     Press will be invited to attend along with friends of The Bar-Tur Photo Award





13.1       Shortlisted Entrants will make their best endeavors to attend post-Competition publicity, events, and exhibitions


13.2    The winning Images will be included in the Touring Exhibition and a Publication may be produced (subject to additional funding)





14.1     The information given in these terms & conditions is correct, but The Bar-Tur Photo Award reserve the right to change any of the above without prior notice


14.2     By entering the Competition, all Entrants will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions. Any breach of these terms by an Entrant will void their entry. If a breach has occurred, but is discovered after the award of a Prize, then The Bar-Tur Photo Award may request the return of that Prize.


14.3     By entering the Competition all Entrants agree to release The Bar-Tur Photo Award and their Judges and sponsors from all claims and damages arising from or in connection with their participation in the Competition.  All Entrants agree to comply with these rules of entry.


14.4     All Entrants are responsible for informing The Bar-Tur Photo Award of any changes to the information they have provided upon entering the Competition, in particular of any change of contact details at any time before the Award Ceremony.





Entrants’ details will be stored on the Competition database for the purposes of the Competition. By entering the Competition, Entrants agree that The Bar-Tur Photo Award can collect, save and process the personal data provided (the Data) for the sole purposes of the Competition.

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