2020 Winners

Courtesy of Pengyi Jiang

Pengyi Jiang

Pengyi Jiang is a professional photographer who uses photography and video to reveal the barriers and confusions of individuals.

Professional: Winning Entry: Semi Finished Project


The book “Semi-Finished Product" is composed of more than 90 plain, authentic photographs, which were taken all over China from 2000 to 2019.

With human development entering the 21st century, fundamental changes have taken place in relationship between China and the world. "Semi-Finished Product" documents Chinese people - one fifth of the world's population, reflecting the status quo, differences , confusion, memories, perseverance and dreams of those who live in the northern and southern, western and eastern, urban and rural areas, while realistic contradictions and problems have arisen along with national development.

COVID-19 Reflections...

Beijing, China


Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, I have stayed at home for three months, keeping a close eye on both domestic and global epidemic development while feeling really anxious. During the same period of time I have been exploring various expressions of Polaroid. I’m always obsessed with the quality of Polaroid — it is like a thermometer, presenting the changes of my feelings and thoughts in a timely and sensitive manner.

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