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2020 Winners

Guy Reece

Guy spent the first 10 years of his career at HSBC in IT, followed by 15 years working for Intel as European Sales and Marketing Manager. Much of what he learnt in this career progression has proved invaluable in developing Striking Faces his commercial photography company.

On leaving the corporate world he established a successful web design company and became keenly aware of how crucial rich online content is to businesses. He combines technical expertise, creativity and compositional skills to produce eye-catching, engaging photography.

Guy is an extremely gifted photographer with a unique conceptual eye. With strong technical skills and a rounded knowledge of marketing and emerging technologies. He is well known for creating an image or devising a clever campaign not previously foreseen.  

Courtesy of Guy Reece

Professional: Winning Entry: The Sinking House

The Sinking House - A project by Extinction Rebellion, designed to create a globally iconic image to educate about Climate Change.

The image represents the disastrous realities of projected sea level rises, increased storms and the effects on normal people living normal lives.
 Set against a backdrop of some of the most illustrious buildings in London, housing businesses most responsible for, and with the most power to change, the Climate fate. 
 This photo is a call to those corporations to make the changes that are necessary.
 It also represents a stand of solidarity to people whose lives are affected by increased flooding and future sea level rises.
 The rise in sea levels is largely attributed to the Greenland ice sheets melting. The rate of melting recorded this summer was not predicted until 2070. At its peak, ice melted at a rate of 140,000 tonnes-per-second – equivalent to 2000 river Thames.

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