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Courtesy of Lea Franke

BarTur / BaseCamp
 Photographerof the Year

Investing in our Students' Future 

BaseCamp, who provide student accommodation across Europe, want to help student photographers who are in the early stages of their career with cash prizes and support them making work through our residency programme.


Courtesy of Curtis Hughes


BarTur / BaseCamp 
Winners 2022


BarTur / BaseCamp Award for Photojournalist of the Year

Jonas Kako: ‘The Dying River’

Winner: Ann Lesley Bar-Tur Award

Michalina Kacperak: ‘Soft Spot’

 Winner: BarTur / BaseCamp Award for Climate Change 

Nazanin Hafez: ‘Salt of the Lake’

Winner: BarTur / BaseCamp Award for Unity in Diversity

Ian Cheibub: ‘So Far, So Close'

Winner: BarTur / BaseCamp Award for Faces of Humanity 

Hossein Fardinfard: ‘Barbara’

Courtesy of  Ian Cheibub

BaseCamp Student offers more than rooms and great amenities, we build a global student community, with a focus on creating lifelong friendships and enhancing your student journey during the most important times of your life.


Courtesy of  Nazanin Hafez

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