Courtesy of Barun Rajgaria

Barun Rajgaria

Barun Rajgaria – Born in 1980 at Purulia , a very backward district of West Bengal.


Surrounded by older members of his family who had a keen interest in photography, Barun developed his interest in photography in 2012. His Uncle Sri Santosh Rajgaria taught Barun how to take pictures and since then has been pursuing photography as a serious hobby. 

After lockdown was implemented in my country, people suffered a lot for their daily earning and expenses, especially those people who are  from very poor families and whose earnings depend on the daily market. They make small handmade items to sell at local market , but the markets are closed and hence there is very little demand for these items . For these people, lockdown is worse than COVID.

When I visited the local market in my home town , I saw this little boy with artificial flowers in his hand, roaming around the market to sell some flowers for his family's daily need . But due to lockdown , most of the shops are closed and very few people are in the market. Those that are shopping are not interested in his artificial flowers. The little boy is helpless, his struggle and his dedication were visible in his facial expressions.  In this pandemic, when everyone is struggling for life and earnings , the effort f this one boy, trying to earn for his family, I hope will give courage to millions of people around the world. 

Highly Commended Entry: Color Seller

Barun Rajgaria

Barun Rajgaria

Barun Rajgaria

Barun Rajgaria

Barun Rajgaria

A little girl from a tribal village is not able to go to school for the last 6 months and she is very much dedicated to her studies. So she regularly dresses up in her school uniform and studies wherever she wants . This little girl's dedication inspired all of the other  village children to continue to study at home, even though the school is shut. 

Highly Commended Entry: My Own Classroom

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