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Paolo Manzo

Unity and Diversity

Second Place

Paolo Manzo

Paolo Manzo

Naples, Italy

La Vita di M Mario is sixteen years old when he jumps into the sea and his life changes forever. From the levity of adolescence to a life made by drugs, therapies and rehabilitations. Quadriplegia is a form of disability that causes paralysis in all four limbs. Mario depends on someone for every daily action. His mother is the one who takes care of him more than anyone else. She is the one who provides him physical and psychological assistance even in the most difficult times. This is the story of a maternal love, this a beautiful story of resistance and willpower to achieve again a sort of serenity. But this is also a revealing story: living in a neighborhood like Fuorigrotta, in Naples, Italy, decreases even more the chance that people with disabilities can achieve a satisfying level of wellness. Too many cultural and architectural barriers are still part of the territory where Mario leads his life.

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