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Antonio Aragon Renuncio

Unity and Diversity

Highly Commended

Antonio Aragon Renuncio

Dances with Wolves. A new civil war in the mountains of madness

Cantabrian Mountains, Cantabria, Spain

The wolf population in northern Spain has increased sixfold in recent years. The number of wolf attacks has also increased. Farmers are no longer compensated for so much fear and so much loss. A too dangerous cocktail with only one clear evidence: the wolf is getting closer and its attacks are closer to homes. Meanwhile, the farmers work very hard every day to try to find a solution that will give them some peace, although the statistics are overwhelming: 85% of the "damages" are caused less than 100 meters from the houses. It is estimated that more than 15,000 head of cattle are "killed" every year in Spain, so farmers are demanding concrete measures from the government to prevent the indiscriminate death of their animals. Never before have man and wolf been so close in the Cantabrian Mountains. And at the same time, never so far away...

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