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Nicole Tung (Ukraine Entry)

LEICA Fotographie International / BarTur Photo Award: Photojournalist of the Year

Excellence in Photojournalism

Nicole Tung (Ukraine Entry)

Ukraine: Evidence of War Crimes

Kyiv & Kharkiv regions, Ukraine

Across the Kyiv and Kharkiv regions of Ukraine where Russian forces occupied large swathes of land before being forced to withdraw in early April and May respectively, investigators from the Ukrainian police, forensics, to prosecutors and international teams are looking into the abuses and potential war crimes committed by Russian forces during their period of occupying villages and towns close to the country’s two largest cities. The abuses range from torture, rape, detention, to executions, and potential war crimes in the Kyiv region were defined by the brutal executions that took place in the town of Bucha, while the crimes committed in the Kharkiv region central on artillery shelling of civilian buildings and targets. Already, war crimes trials in Ukraine of Russian soldiers accused of committing crimes have begun, with one soldier having been sentenced to life last week for shooting a man in the Kyiv region. Ukraine has been making a concerted effort to prosecute war crimes quickly even as the war rages in the east.

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