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Angelika Hala

Photo Editor and Producer, Stern Magazine

New York


Angelika Hala is the New York photo editor and producer for stern, stern CRIME, and stern fashion supplements in the United States, Canada and Central and South America.
Angelika came to photo editing and photo production with a background in TV and film production and publishing business.

As photo editor at the New York office of stern she commissions, researches and licenses photography for a wide range of features from documentary, science, sports and news to portrait and fashion. She works with established photographers as well as developing talent.

Angelika has participated in multiple portfolio reviews across the United States and internationally. She lectured at FOTOfusion, and was on the jury for The Fence/Photoville, ZEKE Awards, Canon Student Development Programme and the Red Bull Illume Image Quest, and mentored at the ICP Student Program and the Eddie Adams Workshops, and co-produced and curated Open Show New York events.

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