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Amnon Bartur

Co-Founder, BarTur Photo Award

New York

United States

Born 1942 in Israel, Amnon Bar-Tur served in Israeli army as a military photographer and correspondent. After completing his service he was invited to join “Haartz” leading daily paper photographing for their weekend supplement.

In 1966 Bar-Tur moved to England to study photography at London College of Printing and Graphic Arts (now London College of Communication, UAL). In 1968 Bar-Tur joined forces with friend Jeff Vickers to expand DPM design consultants, providing photography, graphic design services to high profile clients. His work was widely syndicated and published worldwide.

In 1976, Bar-Tur moved his family from England to the United States to grow his graphic design & production business. In 1981 he established Chroma Copy (later named C2media) in York City with two English partners Jeff Vickers and David Manning. C2media grew to be one of the largest digital imaging company’s in the US with 6 offices and more than 500 employees. Bar-Tur and his partner sold the business in 2010 and it still thriving under the name c2imaging.

For the last ten years, Bar-Tur and his son Armon have worked together developing student housing in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia and Poland.

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