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Paolo Woods

Photographer / Director / Curator



Paolo Woods is a Dutch Canadian photographer, director and curator. He mainly works on long-term projects combining photography with investigative journalism.
He is the author of eight books and his projects are regularly featured in the main international publications with reviews in the NYT, Le Monde, the Guardian just to mention a few. He has had solo exhibitions in, amongst others, France, US, Italy, Switzerland, China, Spain, Germany, Holland and Haiti and numerous group shows around the world. His pictures are private and public collections including the Musee de l Elys e, Unipol, the French National Library, the FNAC, the Sheik Saud Al-Thani collection, the Servais collection. He has received various prizes including two World Press Photos. He is co-founder of RIVERBOOM, a collective and publishing house that explores the limits of the photographic language. He is the artistic director of the photo festival Cortona On The Move.

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