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Angelika Kollin

Faces of Humanity

Founders Choice

Angelika Kollin

Roots - modern parenthood

Cape Town, South Africa

My ongoing project delves into the complex realm of modern parenthood, aiming to meditate on and examine its essence while unraveling its underlying driving forces. What began as two separate projects, "You are my Mother" and "You are my Father," evolved into an intertwined exploration, leading to a much grander and fundamental question: What defines parenthood in our present-day world? The initial focus was on examining the unique experiences of individuals of motherhood and fatherhood. However, as the puzzle pieces gradually intertwined, a more profound question emerged that contemplated the very nature of parenthood itself. The project expanded its scope, embracing the diverse aspects that shape our understanding of being a parent today. Our desire to belong is pivotal in shaping our approach and thoughts regarding family life. We seek connection and purpose, yearning to create and be part of a loving and nurturing environment. This deep-rooted longing extends beyond mere membership in a family unit and encompasses the profound journey of becoming parents in our adulthood. Fortunately, our current time offers unprecedented options and opportunities for parenthood. The evolving landscape of parenthood in the contemporary world highlights the intricate interplay between societal changes, personal aspirations, and the fundamental human need for connection and belonging. Traditional roles and societal expectations are being redefined, making space for more inclusive and diverse narratives.

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