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Antonio Aragon Renuncio

Unity and Diversity

Antonio Aragon Renuncio


“I´ve always loved photography… and telling stories”

Antonio Aragon Renuncio is a Spanish documentary photographer. Since the mid-90s, he has been involved with photography:

- Founded and Chairs “Nostromo” Photographers Association (Spain).
- Photography Professor (+17 years) in several universities.
- Publisher in Xplorer Magazine (Nicaragua).
- General Manager Xtreme PhotoWS (Burkina Faso).
- Freelance photographer for several International News Agencies.
- Organizes and directs the Solidarity Photography Days (Spain).

He writes about photography and publishes reportages across the main digital and print international media.

In 2002 he founded and presides over, the NGO OASIS, which annually develops medical projects in some of the most depressed areas of the Gulf of Guinea in Africa.

He has received more than 250 International Awards and Recognitions from: UNICEF Photo of the Year, HIPA, Sony WPO, LBS, Xposure, Environmental Photographer of the Year, Allard Prize, 35Awards, New York Photo Fair, Umbra, POYLatam, LatinIPA, UNESCO, German Peace Prize, PX3, Muhammad Ali Center, VIPA, La Grande Photo, IPOTY, Direct Look, VOHH, Zoom Photo Festival, Siena International Photo Awards, International Digital Biennial Photojournalism, ASISA, PhotoVisa, LifePressPhoto, IPF, Latin American Documentary Photo Award, REVELA, GEA Photowords.

His work has appeared in more than 300 print shows worldwide, and his images are in several public and private collections.

He currently works on long-term projects, mainly in Africa and Central America. He remains committed to issues relating to conservation, global health, poverty, diminishing cultures, discrimination, sustainability, and the environment.

After two decades of living in Nicaragua, he is now based in Puerto Rico.

I Wanna Be Messi

Bombouaka, Togo (West Africa)


Football is not a privilege; it's a right. According to the Convention on the Rights-of-the-Child, it is a universal language for millions of people worldwide regardless of their nationality, language or religion.

In Togo there's a center for children with disabilities that provides specialized attention to improve their quality life. In this forgotten part of Africa, disabled children have a high risk of abuse and neglect. People believe that disabilities are due to divine punishment. These minors (known as "snakes" as they lie on the ground) are considered "demons" and are drowned into the river in rituals "for the serpent to leave".

Meanwhile, for these children at Don Orione Center everything it's all about football which brings peace to their souls and freedom to their minds - shouting happily, running free. It's more than a game. It's a lovely compromise of hope and a new home. A great journey of time and memory through their new life, where they all dream of becoming the new Messi in search of their next goal.

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