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Vladislav Shapovalov

BaseCamp Photojournalist of the Year

Vladislav Shapovalov

Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television


Vladislav Shapovalov is a photo and video artist based in St. Petersburg, Russia. He captures the ever-changing world, projecting it through the prism of his vision. His works are either non-staged, where he creates using the raw reality, or it is a fully made up art, where every little thing is controlled.

He actively documents crimes against human rights in Russia, through photography of rallies and demonstrations, which are often suppressed by police forces with extreme violence.

Currently he is studying cinematography in the St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television. These academic practices and his personal interpretation of them help to achieve the required artistic freedom and result regardless of the circumstances.

His main goal is to see beyond the ordinary and find meanings in small details that are always around us.


Russia, Saint-Petersburg


This work observes the harsh and dangerous side of being politically active in Russia, through the photos of unauthorized demonstrations. People rioted against corruption, the arbitrariness of the authorities, unfair elections, unlawful convictions, and war with Ukraine. The police arrested many peaceful protesters and even bystanders, often with the use of extreme violence.

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