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Xin Fu

Fu Xin Gallery

New York / Miami

Drawing upon her truly unique background and experience, Dr. Xin Fu brings unparalleled credentials to the world of art.
Born in Beijing, Dr. Fu studied Political Science and Public Administration at Peking University. Subsequently she received a baccalaureate degree from the University of Bologna in Italy, with a concentration in journalism, Chinese diaspora and world history.
Dr. Fu next pursued and received a Master of Arts degree at SOAS (The School of African and Oriental Studies), University of London, United Kingdom. She also received her Ph.D. degree on Modern History from St. Anthony College, University of Oxford.
Along this path, Dr. Fu achieved fluency in Italian and English, in addition to her native Mandarin and mastering in French. She obviously also was exposed to different cultures and peoples; these experiences led logically to her passion for art, as the manifestation of the history and culture which she had studied and lived during her academic and life journey.
Her personal style and appearance led to an initial position as a fashion model In Milan, Italy, and also to writing assignments for ELLE in Hong Kong, covering the Italian fashion industry.
Moving beyond the world of fashion, in those early post-academic years, Dr. Fu  served as a foreign correspondent in Hong Kong for ANSA (Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata), the leading news service in Italy. She also contributed numerous articles and interviews to “L’Indipendente” and “Il Giornale”, and other publications.
Subsequently, Dr. Xin Fu was a featured speaker at many conferences around the world, in both Europe and China. She likewise began to lecture at university level, at several prestigious institutions. Among those are the University of Oxford, the University of Hong Kong, Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) and Yale University (New Asia/Yale in China, Hong Kong).
However, wishing to maximize her abilities, experience, and credentials, and not entirely fulfilled by academia, Dr. Fu began the planning to establish her own art gallery. The Fu Xin gallery opened in Shanghai in 2006. Drawing upon her extensive network around the world, initially the gallery served to introduce Chinese contemporary artists to a larger audience, particularly to European and American collectors. Utilizing her gallery space in China and participating at the most prestigious art fairs around the world, indeed this approach was highly successful.
At the same time, however, forces of globalization in media, technology, and communication were rapidly accelerating “cross-cultural” participation. Not only were western collectors increasingly interested in Chinese art; a new class of Chinese enthusiasts were likewise looking beyond their traditional interests and tastes. Acknowledging this trend, and indeed contributing significantly to it, Dr. Xin Fu has called upon her exceptional multi-lateral qualifications to assist Chinese collectors to access the prestigious and glorious world of European “Old Master” paintings. With her Chinese ancestry, her education and career positions in China, Europe, and Great Britain, and a deep understanding of the cultural and business differences and connections among people, Dr. Fu is uniquely qualified to assist the individuals. private or public art collectors/ institutions which are seeking to pursue these lucrative and enriching opportunities. 

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