Courtesy of Hadriel Torres

Hadriel Torres

Hadriel Torres was born in Italy in 1991 and is an artist, freelance photographer, and entrepreneur based in Australia, UK, and Italy.

Hadriel has been traveling the world for the last nine years around the world, discovering places and cultures with the mission of promoting social awareness through Photography.

Matavaa O Te Henua Enana

Matavaa O Te Henua Enana arts festival held on the remote Marquesas Islands. The celebration of local music, dance, and crafts showcase the lively traditions of this Pacific archipelago, attracting delegations from all six inhabited islands, as well as tourists.

Here, the Haka (a ceremonial dance of powerful gestures and stamping) is performed by the local dance group on the small island of Ua Pou while awaiting the arrival of the neighboring islands’ canoes.