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Courtesy of Jadwiga Bronte

Jadwiga Bronte

Jadwiga Bronte is an award-winning social documentary photographer exploring the relationship between human identity and politics through visual representation.

Her work has been published in print and online in publications such BBC News, Elle Magazine, PBS, The Independent, VICE, New York Daily News, PDN, Marie Claire and more.

Jadwiga lives and works in London.

The Good Memories

This project seeks to portray incarcerated women as mothers first. My lens focuses on them not as criminals, but as women banding together to LOVE and nurse children in an unconventional environment - prison.

The Good Memories Project is about using therapeutic photography to strengthen parent-child relation, challenge stereotypes about maternity in prison and protect good memories of moments of joy between mothers and children even in most challenging environment of prison.

I believe that photos of good memories between a mother and a child can help in the process of resocialisation building prisoner's self- esteem and help her to develop the self-identity as a responsible and caring mother, and not a criminal.

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