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Courtesy of Ingeborg Everaerd

Ingeborg Everaerd

Ingeborg is a visual storyteller based in Amsterdam (NL) who is drawn to the purity, vulnerability, and authenticity of people all over the world. She likes to photograph people who might not appear to stand out in daily life but who carry an emotional or special story with them, often not knowing where they belong.

As Ingeborg is genuinely interested and sympathizes with her subjects, they feel that they can trust her and allow her into their personal lives. The connection with her subjects and being invited to be a small part in their lives is what makes Ingeborg's photographs unique and special. The surroundings where these people live play an essential role in her images. By creating an aesthetically strong image, Ingeborg hopes to capture the interest of the viewer.

Lost in paradise

When I met Steen two years ago, he was still living on his ship and moored for that weekend at an island in Amsterdam. I felt immediately intrigued by his characteristic appearance and the feeling of freedom that showed in his eyes. Steen started to tell me about his life full of adventure and freedom, mooring his ship wherever he felt at home. We became friends.

Last year he had to give up this lifestyle. Due to his poor health, old age and lack of money, he had to sell his ship. This was his home for 43 years. Always afraid of a life ashore, he now lives in his old van on a paradise piece of land but without running water and electricity. Here he tries to build a new life and feel at home. But there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't long for his old life....

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