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Courtesy of Lea Franke

Lea Franke

Lea Franke is a young German photographer who lives and works in Dortmund. She studies photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund. In her photography she deals with
emotional topics such as first love or death.

We are 15

"we are 15" is a series about the first love of a young couple.

First love makes an impact on the rest of our lives. We don't forget it. Sometimes it lasted longer, sometimes shorter or now and then the first love lasts still today. We associate strong memories with it. It is a unique fulfillment of a strong desire we never felt before and it is not burdened with negative experiences.

“we are 15” is based on personal circumstances. I am in a relationship with my first love since I was 15 years old and it has lasted for 11 years. The work has been a chance to get some insight into a first love, even if it was not my own. It recalls this feeling of the first love, gives in insight into the intimacy and naivety, and leaves us with the remembrance of our own.

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