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2020 Winners

Courtesy of Nadezhda Ermakova

Nadezhda Ermakova

Nadezhda Ermakova is a documentary photographer and a visual storyteller based Moscow, Russia. She first studied philology and worked as teacher of French before turning to contemporary photography in 2016.

In the photography, her main interest is focused on the problem of cultural identity and social issues. She prefers to go deeply into topics, to build trusting relationships with characters and to work on long-term projects.

Nadezhda’s work has been recognized with industry awards such as Felix Schoeller, Stenin Contest, and others. Her works have been presented in exhibitions and screens in Russia and abroad. Her works have appeared in multiple online and print publications worldwide. For the moment, she’s studying in the Rodchenko Art School (Moscow). She is a member of The Russian Union of Photographers.

Student: Winning Entry: Next to me


About two thousand foreign students enter Tambov universities every year. Tambov is a little Russian town where I was born. For over a year every weekend I came from Moscow to Tambov to meet foreign students and get to know them better. I came into their room and they talked me about them, their problems and dreams.

1. Christiane Fleure (Ivory Coast). I like studying here but I’m missing African food.
2. Landry William Yao (Cameroon). I can’t live without sport. I’m also an amazing cook.
3. Sandrine (Cameroon). It’s very difficult to socialize here.
4.Alima Kambi (Gambia).I spend all my time studying. I hope to became a great engineer in my country.
5. Owolowo Akorede (Nigeria) Many of our guys want to be friend and hang out with the local girls, but they aren’t very friendly. That upsets me.

COVID-19 Reflections...

Because of the coronavirus, all public places in Russia are closed. For added security, the territory of children’s playgrounds and carousels are surrounded by a red and white protective tape, black polyethylene or even cling film.

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