Courtesy of Giulia Minolfi

Giulia Minolfi

Giulia is a PhD geologist with passion for photography.

Being always a person of few words, Giulia found photography a new way of communicating. Giulia is now attending a program of professional photography in order to improve technique and skill.


Naples is the city of chaos. Me and my family live in a main road, full of traffic every hour of the day. During the pandemic it was so strange seeing such changes in the behaviour of people. So many lights in the evening since everybody was at home, neat rows out of the supermarket, a new life on the balconies, just killing time or relaxing, enjoying this unusual silence. The nature conquers her space again while our houses become our only secure places... killing at the same time our nature.

These pictures have been taken from my home during the epidemic crisis in Italy. This virus has unavoidably and deeply changed each of us. In many cases it has taught us what fear is; and some of us are experimenting an unusual fear, the fear of contact. The same gentle gesture that you would have appreciated some days ago, has now become a source of anxiety. In a world where we all try constantly to keep in touch, we have now started to be afraid of reaching out.


Taking these pictures helps me to deal with the lockdown and process the changes that I saw around me.

Highly Commended Entry: Unusual times

Giulia Minolfi

Giulia Minolfi

Giulia Minolfi

Giulia Minolfi

Giulia Minolfi

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