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2020 Winners

Courtesy of Fabio Carella

Fabio Carella

Fabio was born and raised in turin. Since his adolescence he has always nurtured a strong passion for urban space and the social relationships that develop within it. Being born in the Italian city of the automobile has made it possible to identify the mechanisms of a great industry and the transformations projected on a physical level on the city. With his studies in urban planning, first in Turin and then in Venice, and photography as a medium, he began to capture these transformations both on an urban and social level.

Student: Winning Entry: Gnecchi Resiliency

This series denounces the state of abandonment and praises the bravery and strength of a population: the Gnecchi. The Gnecchi, or giudecchini, are the residents of the island of Giudecca, situated in front of Venice. The story in these five pictures wants to show how a population and a city, once affected by the impacts of climate change and in particular by the flooding event, without adaptation actions, transforms the citizens themselves into resilient citizens. The extreme event is faced by the Gnecchi in all their daily life but at the same time it is evident their disappointment towards a completely absent politics and administration.

COVID-19 Reflections...


Locked in the mirror
The coronavirus crisis has forcibly compromised our daily habits. Everything has changed and life, as we knew it, is no more. We find ourselves trapped in a reality in which we believe to be alone, confined, and locked from the rest. But our reality couldn’t be more similar than the others’. "Locked in the mirror" captures the life we are all living. Not as individuals, but as a community. It shows the new normality and the new way of feeling free in a life where the differences between one another are almost imperceptible. Each window and every person is a reflection of ourselves. A reflection of our confined routines, of our desire for the outside, of our fears, and our growing need of humanity. We are surrounded by reflections of our lockdown, and we become a mirror of theirs.

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