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Courtesy of 

Maryam Saeedpoor

Ann Lesley
Bar-Tur Award

Founders Choice

Maryam Saeedpoor

Woman Life Freedom

Tehran, Iran

Regardless of its religious aspect, hijab has been a part of the Iranian tradition, just like the Iranian carpet.
Some people adhere to this tradition, and others do not believe in it. However, the intervention of the Iranian authorities has caused hijab to be the point of confrontation for the women of this land, both for those who have been fighting relentlessly against its enforcement for years and even those who believe in hijab.

This collection of photos is the result of our tremendous movement with the name of Woman, which means Life and Freedom.
The only thing I can say about this collection is that if the government stops interfering coercively in the dress code rights and allows them to make personal choices about their attire, the women of Iran will peacefully live together, side by side.

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