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Mouneb Taim

Unity and Diversity

Mouneb Taim

University of The People
University in Pasadena, California
United States

Highly Commended

Mouneb Taim, born 2001, is a photojournalist, and Student at the University of The People who covers news stories with a focus on social issues.

He works as a freelance photographer for international agencies. He began his career in photojournalism as a photographer and freelance reporter in 2013, when he was a young child after the murder of his journalist brother.

He covered life under siege in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, Idlib and the countryside of Aleppo until early 2021, and was arrested by Islamic organizations in his city for being gay. He also documented the massacres and destruction throughout the regions of Syria during the ten years he lived under siege in his native Syria. He received a number of international awards.

Sport and Fun instead of Fear and War

Syria - Idlib


In the Syrian village of Aljiina near the city of Aleppo, Wasim Satot has opened a karate school for children. What makes it special is that girls and boys with and without disabilities are taught together. They are between six and 15 years old.

With his school, Satot wants to create a sense of community and overcome any war experiences - Aleppo was fiercely contested - in the minds of the children.

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