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Priyanshu Singh

BaseCamp Photojournalist of the Year

Priyanshu Singh


Highly Commended

Priyanshu Singh, 20, is a self-taught photographer based in Varanasi, India. Everything he does is filled and overflowing with excitement and passion.

As a photographer, he craves to capture a bold, enthusiastic world where his subjects stand out and shine. He recognized his passion for photography in 2019 while he was in 11th grade. He started to explore the city of Varanasi, which happens to be one of the world's oldest living cities, in search of frames that provoke as well as impact.

To convert this passion into profession, he is currently pursuing his graduation in Mass Communication where he is trying to broaden his capacities and enhance his skills. His primary genres include street and documentary photography. His latest work was exhibited in 24 hour project, Finland 2021, and he was also amongst the finalists of London Street Photography Festival 2021. Recently he won third place in Portrait category in the 'Indian Photo Festival' International Photographer of the Year Award.

Ganga: The Endangered Mother

Varanasi, INDIA


India's Ganges River Basin is one of South Asia's most critical freshwater systems. Nearly half a billion people rely on this river basin for its waters. For Hindus, the Ganga river is often referred to as Ma Ganga or mother, accepting all and forgiving all. The word "Ganga" literally means "to flow".

The Ganga is almost synonymous with India, and is one of the fundamental threads of the nation's spiritual and cultural ethos. This river has witnessed significant climate change in the last few decades. Due to its deteriorating condition, people residing around the river are suffering heavily.

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