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Aytaç Ünal

LEICA Fotografie International / BarTur Award Photojournalist of the Year

Aytaç Ünal

Highly Commended

Aytac was born in 1987 in Turkey. He started his photography career in 2009. He completed his undergraduate education in the Radio Television and Cinema Department at Gazi University. Now he works as a photojournalist for Anadolu Agency, Turkey’s largest news agency. He takes photographs in various fields, including politics, sports, and breaking news. His work has been published by TIME magazine, New York Times, Washington Post, Der Spiegel, The Times, Paris Match, The Guardian, and BBC, among others. Aytaç has national and international awards and continues his photojournalism career in Ankara.

Babies are born in shelters



In the midst of Russia-Ukraine war, pregnant Ukrainian women continue to give birth to their babies at the shelter of a women’s hospital in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Struggling for a healthy delivery in a dark and cold atmosphere, dozens of women try to survive as their babies become symbols of hope.

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