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Mustasinur Rahman Alvi

Faces of Humanity

Mustasinur Rahman Alvi

Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)

Highly Commended

Mustasinur Rahman Alvi is an independent Photojournalist based in Barishal, Bangladesh. Doing photography since 2015, he has been learning a lot in this field. He started his photography career as a Contributing Photojournalist in Zuma Press, USA.

He is the President of two renowned photography clubs in Bangladesh named "Barishal Photography Club" (BAPC) and KUET Photographic Society (KUETPS). He has been awarded in more than 50 National and International Photo contests and exhibitions. His photos have been exhibited in more than 20+ countries in the world. His works have been published in The Guardian, National Geography, Forbes, NPR, Financial Times, Geo Magazine, Wall Street Journal and more than in 100 top rated newspapers and magazines in the world. His overall works have been published in more than 350 places.

Now, It has become a passion for him to do photography, and he wants to develop himself as a good learner of photography and capture the life we lead every day with his eyes and his device.

Child Labor in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Child labor in Bangladesh is common, with 4.7 million children aged 5 to 14 in the workforce. Of the child laborers engaged in the workforce, 83% are employed in rural areas, and 17% are employed in urban areas. Such child labor can be found in almost every brickfield in Bangladesh.

On average, they are 10-12 years old, and they have to work from 3am to 12 pm for their daily meal and family. As they were born poor, every child from the family had to sacrifice their education for the sake of their family. They are the real heroes of their family as they are the earning person of their family.

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