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Simon Beni

Faces of Humanity Series

Simon Beni

Highly Commended

Simon Beni, born in 1968 and a resident of Israel, has been involved in tourism and the art of photography for over 20 years. As part of his work as a tour guide and a photography teacher Simon accompanies and teaches photographers and visitors in the old city. Jerusalem is sacred to the three monotheistic religions and is the place where many religious ceremonies are held throughout the year. Jerusalem is an amazing place for photography and for the past 6 years, Simon has been mainly documenting the human aspect in his unique style.

Simon Beni is self-taught in photography and fine arts. In the body of his work, he tries to combine documentation of people and events in an artistic style using classic compositions with historical touch. Sometimes pictures which seem timeless.

In the city of Jerusalem, there are many places where you can see and feel the religious and magical atmosphere of the many visitors with the special ambient penetrating light. Some people who visit the old city have a special look, and this series of photos is dedicated to the many faces of locals and pilgrims who come from different countries to the holy city.

Light from Jerusalem

Old city of Jerusalem, Israel

2017 - 2022

Tales of Jerusalem is my project, trying to portray with my style of photography "scenes" which I see in the streets of the old city.

I have been documenting the old city of Jerusalem for the past six years as a tour guide and a photography guide. I get to meet and witness many people and events in this diverse city.

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