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Aldo Feroce

Faces of Humanity Series

Aldo Feroce


After a start as a wedding photographer his photographic passion shifts to social and documentary news.

In 2016 he followed the funeral caravan of Commander Fidel Castro, with the work "Yo Soy Fidel".

Several publications with the work Yo soy Fidel and with the Palace of crossed destinies have been published.

The Palace of crossed destinies

Italy, Rome

2019 & 2021

The new Corviale, also called Serpentone is a building about 1 km long that rises on the western outskirts of Rome, born in the late ’70s to deal with the housing crisis. Since its birth this place has been synonymous with decay and crime especially for a managerial malaise, so much so that it has become one of the symbolic neighborhoods of Rome.

History sees men and women catapulted into a place without infrastructure, still wearing the wounds caused by the tearing of the mass eviction, forced to live together by force or for a reason. People who have had to reorganize their lives with great difficulty, trying to reinvent them, color it, live it with new rules, and above all with do-it-yourself. I intended to give a voice and make known the weakest or the “invisible” ones that are often forgotten or talked about stereotypically.

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