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Pradiptamoy Paul

Climate Change

Pradiptamoy Paul

Study Center - AC College, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. University - Kolkata, West Bengal

Highly Commended

Pradiptamoy Paul is an Indian Photographer based in West Bengal, most widely known for his Street Photographs and Daily life documentaries on the people of Bengal. His work has been published in several Magazines, newspapers, articles and renowned websites worldwide.

A Future up in the Smoke

Location 1 - Mathabhanga, Country - India ; Location 2- Barokodali , Country - India; Location 3- Marugunj , Country - India


I went to a village near my home for a walk. There I saw farmers gather garbage and leftovers after cleaning the fields and burning it. Within minutes I observed that the whole area was full of black and white smoke clouds. Maybe it is the easiest way to get rid of them, but It leads to problems for people and animals, and it also leads to the emission of CO2 gas, a reason for climate change, and global warming.

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