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Lydia Daniells

Climate Change

Lydia Daniells

University of the West of England
United Kingdom

Highly Commended

Lydia Daniells is a British photographer who has just graduated with a First Class Honours in BA Photography from The University of the West of England. Her work is centralised around fashion, still life and eCommerce photography, often exploring social issues. Alongside this she incorporates other photographic discourses, including documentary and narrative, to produce more intriguing and informative imagery. Lydia enjoys creating new concepts, and styling elaborate shoots and set designs. The aesthetic of her practice often incorporates vibrant colours and a surrealist approach.

52 Seasons

UK, Bristol UK, Southampton UK, Chichester

2021 - 2022

‘52 Seasons’ explores fast fashion and its implications, particularly its environmental impacts that subsequently lead to climate change. Each image is either a conceptual representation of a statistic or shows overconsumption. The work is to document the detrimental effects of the fashion industry in a visually engaging way, to educate and raise awareness.

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