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Dan Shipp

Climate Change Single

Dan Shipp


Dan Shipp is an amateur wildlife and adventure photographer with an overwhelming love for marine and conservation-based imagery. He is a regular contributor to the British Society of Underwater Photography magazine.

Since leaving the concrete jungle of London in 2017, he has embarked on a global journey to capture the wonders of the natural world on his camera. His goal is simply to highlight the raw beauty and desperate fragility of the road less travelled, and to inspire others with a fleeting glimpse of what we have today.

His journey has taken him from the depths of Fijian reef systems working alongside the Jean Michel Cousteau Dive team, to the remote summits of Patagonian mountain ranges, in search of awe-inspiring scenes that not only make people proud of the world they live in but tell a story of how they may contribute to its welfare.

Shooting Pains

Savsavu Bay, Vanua Levu Island, Fiji


A lone mangrove shoot breaks the surface of the shallows on the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji. Underwater, silty sediment covers the sea floor, while in the distance ominous storm clouds can be seen gathering.

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