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Courtesy of 

Maryam Saeedpoor

Ann Lesley BarTur Award

Maryam Saeedpoor

Highly Commended

Maryam Saeedpoor was born in 1984, in Tehran, Iran. She graduated in Iranian Youth
Cinema Society and University of Applies Science and Technology-The Faculty of Media in
Photography in 2005.
Throughout her life, Maryam has 13 years coopration with media. In recent years, she is
working in Advertising Photography, Portrait Photography as well as extended collaboration
with Book Publishers.

Scattered Memories

Iran, Tehran

2016 - 2022

The future can be more pleasant and bearable for women who have faced different kinds of violence and abuse. They have been waiting for the improvement in their living conditions. These women were somewhere between tradition and modernity. Their mothers told them about traditional and cultural values. In their childhood, they saw the scenes that engraved this traditional way of living in their minds.

Domestic and cultural violence against women has always been a serious threat to their growth and prosperity. Now, these women fix their eyes on the future of the world. They have told each other the memories of many years of violence and discrimination from generation to generation.
The future to come can make the situation better for women.

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