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Courtesy of Shaown Chowdhury

Shaown Chowdhury

Shaown Chowdhury, an artist, photographer, interior designer, and visualizer, was born in Chattogram, Bangladesh. He completed his Bachelor's & Masters from Chittagong Institute of Fine Arts, Chittagong University, Bangladesh. He took an active interest in photography in his varsity life, which has become his passion ever since.

In his 15+ years of the journey behind the lens, he's covered a vast array of subjects like travel, lifestyle, street, and documentary. He is an admin/Founder/Event Organizer of Foto Arena Bangladesh. He is a Contributor Photo Journalist at Pacific Press Agency. He is a life member of Bangladesh Photographic Society (BPS) & Chattogram Photographic Society (CPS). He also served as Exhibition Secretary of CPS.

His works have been featured in various international salons and exhibitions worldwide and have received multiple national and international awards. Photography, to Shaown, is his calling, his passion, something almost spiritual for him. Photography is a very important part of his space it is to discover, to capture the fluidity of what the heart feels and not merely what the eye sees in a fragment of time.

Monsoon Disaster

Climate change caused by global warming is having a devastating effect on the world's natural environment. As a result of these changes, sea surface warming is increasing, and the seasonal continuity of the weather is being disrupted.

Disasters of various kinds are on the rise, such as heavy rains and droughts, severe cold spells, severe thunderstorms, rising sea levels, salinity, tidal surges, flash floods, cyclones, etc. As a result, the loss of life and property is increasing. Due to this, crores of rupees are being wasted every year. Rainfall is the main cause of floods in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon climate characterized by a wide seasonal variation of rainfall. It rains only in our river basins due to south-westerly monsoon winds from June to September. Due to that rainfall, the water level in the rivers of this country increases. Heavy rains have caused water logging in most parts of the city. More than one billion people living in coastal cities are at high risk of flooding due to climate change.

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