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Courtesy of Paulo Nunes dos Santos

Paulo Nunes dos Santos

Paulo Nunes dos Santos is a Dublin based freelance photojournalist and reporter covering armed conflict, humanitarian crisis, current
affairs, political and social issues worldwide. He is a regular contributor to The New York Times, Expresso, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Le Monde and others.


In the first months of isolation, my children and I embarked on collaborative project to develop a portrait series. Using our home as a canvas and an old Kodak Carousel slide film projector and our home as a canvas, we incorporated images of faraway places into scenes of the children's daily routine. A photograph of Laguna Colorada filling our sitting room during a late night family disco party or the bubbling boiling mud of a geyser revealed on the bathroom tiles during bath time, provided some distraction from the new uncharted reality and prompt enthusiasm and sense of wonder in the kids. For me, it was an unusual but fun project to work on. As a parent, somehow I feel it helped me cope with some new anxieties triggered by these mad and unprecedented times we are living in. As I edited this series, I could somehow start feeling a sense of ease. Some of the worries stirred up by the confinement faded away and the idea of a post-covid reality started to take shape.

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