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Courtesy of Gabriel Bush

Gabriel Bush

I'm a Bournemouth/London based portrait, advertisement and editorial photographer, specialising in visual storytelling using complex lighting styles and production. I recently completed my studies at Arts University Bournemouth in Commercial Photography.

I'm fascinated by the normality of life and strive to bring out the best in people within my work. I enjoy bringing excitement into what is often perceived as the mundane in society. I believe there's a delicate side to everyone so I always respect the people I photograph because I believe having compassion and empathy are the two strongest attitudes for creating amazing portraiture.

Recent work includes "Lockdown Artists" which is a portrait series focusing on Arts University Bournemouth students showing their resilience during the third National Lockdown by adapting their creative practices to the home and Velo-Veterans, a portrait series displaying serious cyclists in the over-60s community.

Lockdown Artists

"Lockdown Artists" is a photographic series focusing on fellow Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) students showing their resilience and drive to create while in lockdown. The series displays creatives who adapted their practice to the home, whilst access to University facilities and equipment was unavailable during the third national lockdown in the UK. The series' motivation for me was to display that even in times of crisis, ART STILL PREVAILS!

Human Love resonates in the series through the artists displaying their love for creating in times of adversity. The artists featured in the series display their love, care, and devotion not to another human being physically but by creating art and beauty for others to love and enjoy as an audience to their creations.

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