Courtesy of Rory Doyle

The BarTur Photo Award celebrates photographers who challenge how we view the world

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Our 2020 BarTur Photo Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our winners: Raul Ariano, Aleksandra Bardas, Fabio Carella, Ronghui Chen, Rory Doyle, Nadezhda Ermakova, Hossein Fatemi, David Gardner, Beihua Guo, Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, Pengyi Jiang, Ann Inger Johansson, Danial Khodaie, Cocoa Laney, Maximilian Mann, Somenath Mukhopadhyay, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Denisse Perez, Zula Rabikowska, Ben Rak/ Abdullah M.I Syed, Guy Reece, and Yoong Wah Alex Wong.

Climate Change

Professional Winners

Climate Change

Student Winners

Unity in Diversity

Professional Winners

Unity in Diversity

Student Winners

The BarTur Photo AWARD 2021

is NOW OPEN...

THE BARTUR PHOTO AWARD is open to anyone to submit their work in three different categories: Climate Change, Unity in Diversity and Human Love. Between these three themes there is a winning prize fund of $10,000, as well as a Leica Camera loan for 3 months, exhibitions in Copenhagen, Berlin and Lodz as well as international exposure through the BTPA's extensive network.  There is a specific student competition, open to those that are currently studying.

THE BARTUR PHOTO AWARD 2021 is now open for applications. There is an Early Bird rate for those wishing to enter the main award before the 22nd November 2020.  The competition closes on 22nd January 2021. 


Photo courtesy of Ann Inger Johansson

About the Award

A key focus of the BarTur Photo Award has always been the immense power photography has in influencing the way that we understand and engage with the world around us. Using photography as a means to express ideas and values, the BarTur Photo Award 2021 will cross boundaries and help bring communities together.

The BarTur Photo Award is open to those working in the fine arts, documentary, fashion, advertising, journalism and all other fields of photographic image making.  You can echo the achievements of those who came before us.  Or you can “push the envelope” with innovation.  Whether you are inspired by your personal experience or by the urgent issues of our time, you are invited to share your vision.

 Courtesy of  Rory Doyle



Courtesy of Rpnghui Chen


Courtesy of Nadezhda Ermakova


Student Awards

The BarTur Photo Award 2021 offers a student competition in its three themes.

This competition is free to enter and is open to those currently studying.


There is up to $5000 to be won in cash prizes as well as exhibitions in Copenhagen, Berlin and Lodz. 


See more for details. 

Courtesy of Zula Rabikowska


The BarTur Photo Award 2021 has an exceptional panel of Jurors ranging from Curators, Photographers, Academics, Publishers, Artists Advertisers and Educators. 

Courtesy of Maximilian Mann

Diversity of Photography approaches

The BarTur Photo Award encourages diversity of photographic approaches that reflect vibrant and continuing photographic traditions. At the same time, the Award embraces and reveals how our audience is engaging with new forms and approaches to image making in a technologically changing world. It demonstrates how they respond to and represent both their own personal contexts and some of the more pressing and dominant issues of our time. The anticipated range of work will represent fine art, documentary, fashion, advertising, journalism, and other genres of image making.


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BarTur Photo Award is a not for profit organization that aims to find, support and recognize the best contemporary photographic talent. The award is looking for work that is unique, compelling and inspiring. To be judged by a panel of industry leaders.

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