2020 Winners

Courtesy of Yoong Wah Alex Wong

Climate Change: Ann Inger Johansson

Climate Change: David E. Gardner

Climate Change: Hossein Fatemi

Climate Change: Somenath Mukhopadhyay

Climate Change: Yoong Wah Alex Wong

Climate Change: Aleksandra Bardas

Climate Change: Guy Reece

Climate Change: Beihua Guo

Climate Change: Danial Khodaie

Climate Change: Fabio Carella

Climate Change: Maximilian Mann

Climate Change: Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

Climate Change: Ronghui Chen

Unity in Diversity: Raul Ariano

Unity in Diversity: Rory Doyle

Unity in Diversity: Ilvy Njiokiktjien

Unity in Diversity: Pengyi Jiang

Unity in Diversity: Cocoa Laney

Unity in Diversity: Nadezhda Ermakova

Unity in Diversity: Zula Rabikowska

Unity in Diversity: Ben Rak/Abdullah Syed

Unity in Diversity: Denisse Perez

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