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COVID19 Reflections

Courtesy of Tetsuro Miyazaki

Tetsuro Miyazaki

Tetsuro Miyazaki is a fulltime freelance photographer.



When the dutch government ordered people to stay inside, my work agenda emptied in an instant. No more work.

Then I saw my elderly neighbour, sitting in her chair at home, behind the window. I picked up my camera and asked if I could photograph her like that.


This was the start of a photography project called #SafeBehindGlass (or #VeiligAchterGlas in Dutch) for which I set to photograph at least one person or family at their house, safely behind their window. During the 56 days of strict confinement, I have portrayed families, couples, friends living together and people living alone. The series reflects on how this phenomenon of isolation touches us all, regardless of postal code, social status or background.


By choosing to photograph the reflections in the windows, I tried to bring what's outside inside, and inside what's on the outside. This gives the viewer the sensation of standing in my shoes.


One of the participants wrote the following about her photo: "Not a happy happy joy joy photo this time, but one that hit the right chord. It shows all of my emotions during this crisis. Anxiety, anger, disbelief, powerlessness, insecurity, fear, loneliness, boredom, frustration and more worries. But also satisfaction, resignation, trust, appreciation for the little things in life and a lot of love for the people around me."


The work is currently exhibited at the Domincanen Bookstore in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

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