New award launched by:
Leica Magazine (LFI ) & BarTur Photo Award


Closing 22 May 2021



The BarTur Award team is delighted to announce the creation of a new photographic competition in partnership with Leica Magazine (LFI) celebrating and recognising the remarkable work photojournalists create everyday around the world. 

Photojournalists risk their lives to capture a moment of conflict and war, pandemic and protest, love and beauty, happiness and celebration. To honour such achievements, we have jointly created the: Leica magazine (LFI) - BarTur Award Photojournalist of the year 2021.

Through this partnership both Leica Magazine (LFI) and the BarTur Photo award would like to encourage photojournalists at any stage to continue creating and inspiring, spreading messages that are vital. 


The Co-Director of the BarTur Photo Award, Sasha Bar-Tur, speaks on the collaboration with Leica Magazine (LFI):

"For me, Leica represents the past and the future of photography, the cameras that the pioneers of photojournalism used to record the major events of the 20th century. For the first time they could capture their photographs in available light without electronic flash, by doing so they revolutionized photojournalism and marked the beginning of modern photojournalism.

Throughout the late 1920s and 30s, the Second World War, the Korean war, the Vietnam war and any other major event the world experienced in the 20th Century, Leica's amazing resilient accuracy and craftsmanship was always a great tool for professionals and amateurs alike.

We are proud to be able to work together with Leica Magazine to create this award, recognizing and rewarding the world's best emerging photojournalists”.

Photo Editor for Leica Magazine (LFI) Carol Körting was impressed with the previous BarTur Photo Award entries and this is what inspired the partnership: 

“This is the first time we have collaborated together, and I am super happy to be part of the jury and give this opportunity to the winner to use the Leica camera. May this prize encourage you to capture the essential”.  



With their precise technology, Leica cameras have shaped the world of photography since 1925 when the Leica I was introduced. Many pictures that became defining symbols of an age were taken with a Leica. 

Leica Magazine (LFI) presents portfolios and reportages by renowned Leica photographers eight times a year – from classics in their fields and masters of contemporary photography all the way to young talent and the best photographers from the Leica Magazine (LFI) Gallery. 

In addition, the magazine offers in-depth test results of Leica cameras, lenses and accessories, informs about exhibitions and festivals that are worth visiting, and the latest photo books that are worth perusing.

Speaking on the Leica camera Carol Körting says: 

“The Leica is a special camera, it’s a tool, yes, but it's a tool with a story. Leica cameras are the tool which, in the hands of the best photographers in the world, manage to capture the most moving, dramatic and emotional moments of time and freeze them in pictures forever."



Prizes include participation in $17,700 prizes as part of the BarTur Award.

Selected winners will be given the opportunity to use Leica equipment for their next assignments or projects for three months (with the possibility of an extension) and also the opportunity to meet with the Leica Magazine (LFI) Photo Editor, who will offer her expert advice, suggestions and guidance. But that is not all, there will also be travelling exhibitions in Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris and London to showcase the work created.