What are the opening and closing dates for the competition?


  • Award Opening: 22nd October 2020

  • Award Submission Deadline: 22nd May 2021, 11:59 GMT

  • Shortlisting notification: 25th June 2021

  • Winner and Highly Commended Announcement: 27th July 2021


Who can participate?


  • The BarTur Award is open to anyone making photographic work. There are three competitions: the MAIN AWARD, the STUDENT AWARD and BarTur Photo Award/ Leica Magazine (LFI) Photojournalist of the Year 2021



  • The competition is open to anyone producing photographic work

  • There are three themes to enter: Climate change, Unity in Diversity & Human Love

  • Entry to the Competition is free of charge for this year. 



  •   The Competition is open to all students currently enrolled on an accredited Further     

  •   Education (FE) or Higher Education (HE) course at any University in the world.

  •   You can be part time or full time. 

  •   The application form will ask you which institution you are studying at, what course you are studying and what year you will graduate. 

  •  Students on short courses are not eligible to apply in the student category.

  •   Entry to the competition is free of charge. 

BarTur Photo Award/ Leica Magazine (LFI) Photojournalist of the Year 2021

  • The competition is open to anyone who photographs, edits, and displays images in order to tell a visual story.

  • There are no themes for this award.

  • Entry to the Competition is free of charge for this year. 


What are the prizes?


  • There are a large cash prizes of $17,700 for the winning entries. The awards are as follows:



  • $10,000 shared between the winners of Climate Change, Unity in Diversity, Human Love themes

  • $1,200 Chris Wainwright Award for Climate Change

  • $1,500 BarTur Award for Faces of Humanity 



  • $5,000 BaseCamp Award shared between the winners of Climate Change, Unity in Diversity, Human Love themes

BarTur Photo Award/ Leica Magazine (LFI) Photojournalist of the Year 2021

  • 3 month loan of a LEICA CAMERA*

  • Opportunity to showcase your work in Leica Magazine (LFI)


Other Awards:

  • There will be opportunities for 2 week artists in residencies in Poland or Germany (Accommodation only included)

  • Juror's Choice awards will be made which will offer 30 minute portfolio reviews with our Jurors 



  • There will be four exhibitions of the Winners work in Denmark, France, UK and Germany throughout 2021/22.


  • An important aspect of the Award is the endorsement of the quality of work selected for the exhibition and prizes by a world leading panel of judges who are drawn from across a wide spectrum of the professional photography industries 



What is a submission?


  • One submission is either a single image OR a series of up to five ore ten images. Each submission can be either on the theme of Unity and Diversity, Climate Change or Human Love. 



When will I know if I have been successful?


  • The judging process will begin soon after the closing date. All the participants who have correctly entered a submission, will be contacted whether they have been shortlisted by 25th June 2021. "Winners", will be announced on 27th July 2021. 



What are the themes for 2021 award?


  • This years’ themes are: Unity in Diversity, Climate Change and Human Love. You can submit any photo that you think relates to these themes. The application form will ask you to describe how you think you image is related to either theme. 



What images are eligible?


  • You can submit any image that you consider fits within the theme of a category. Images can be uploaded in any image format (JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF) and in any dimension/ size. If you are shortlisted you will be expected to submit your images in the highest resolution available. 



Does it matter when a photograph was taken?


  • We do not impose a time limit. Images taken at any time are eligible. 



Can I enter the same photograph in more than one category?


  • You can enter the same image into multiple themes as long as it is relevant to each theme. 



Will you move images placed into incorrect categories?


  • No, it is up to you to enter them into the right category. If you change your mind about a category before you submit your entry you can delete the image and re-upload it in the new category. Once the entry is submitted the category cannot be changed.


Can I enter an image that has been entered into another competition?


  • Yes you can, so long as it did not win a prize and that competition is over. Specifically, a picture that has already won a prize (winner, runner-up, or commended) in another photography competition cannot be entered. Images that have been entered into a major competition where the results are still pending are not eligible for entry.


How do I submit my images?


  • The easiest way to submit still images is to use the online uploading system on our website. No entries will be accepted by post or email. 


What images do you not accept?


  • We accept all photographic pictures.


Can I enter an image that has been published in a magazine or other media?


  • Yes. However, the judging criteria include originality and a widely published image may have a reduced chance of winning on these grounds.


How will I be paid if I win?


  • Payment of the winning award will be made in either a bank transfer or cheque. All winners must have a bank account in their own name in order to receive the funds.