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The BarTur Photo Award celebrates photographers who challenge how we view the world

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Ann Lesley BarTur Photo Award

Celebrating women behind the lens

LEICA Fotografie International & BarTur Photo Award


LEICA Fotografie International & BarTur Photo Award

(C) Jim Huylebroek
(C) Jamie Johnson
(C) Shaown Chowdhury
(C) Hadriel Torres

Courtesy of Giacomo d'Orlando


The BarTur Photo Awards 2022 celebrates some truly amazing stories that were captured by the world's most talented photographers.


The awards categories of Climate Change, Unity and Diversity, and the newly added: Ann Lesley Bar-Tur Photo Award, have never been more appropriate. Over 5000 international photographers took the challenge to share the intimate, tragic, inspiring, and thought-provoking stories captured during an unprecedented time in human history.

New Prize Categories for 2022:

Building on the success of the 2020 an 2021 awards, The BarTur Photo Awards added one new prize category for 2022: Ann Lesley Bar-Tur Photo Award.

We received record Levels of submissions. The competition was open to professional and student photographers, attracting a record 12700+ images from 80 countries. The BarTur Photo Awards waived all entry fees for 2022 submissions and invited photographers from all over the world to submit their work completely free of charge.

2022 Winners

LEICA Fotografie International / BarTur Photo Award: Photojournalist of the Year

Espen Rasmussen: ‘The Flight’

Philip Cheung: ‘Russian Invasion of Ukraine’

Winner: Ann Lesley Bar-Tur Award

Veronique de Viguerie: ‘Women are Amazing’

 Winner: BarTur Award for Climate Change: Series

Giacomo d'Orlando: ‘Nemo's Garden’

Winner: BarTur Award for Climate Change: Single Image

Chinmoy Biswas: ‘Foggy Morning’

Winner: BarTur / Wainwright Prize for Climate Change

Supratim Bhattacharjee: ‘Sinking Sundarbans’

Winner: BarTur Award for Unity in Diversity

Daniele Vita: ‘Bagnanti’

Winner: BarTur Award for Faces of Humanity: Series

Maroussia Mbaye: ‘Atlas of Dying African Traditions’

Winner: BarTur Award for Faces of Humanity: Single Image

Kelly Beckta: ‘Cuban Barber’


Courtesy of Veronique de Viguerie


Courtesy of Jonas Kako

BarTur /
BaseCamp Student 

BarTur / BaseCamp Student Award for Photojournalist of the Year

Jonas Kako: ‘The Dying River’

Winner: Ann Lesley Bar-Tur Student Award

Michalina Kacperak: ‘Soft Spot’

 Winner: BarTur / BaseCamp Student Award for Climate Change 

Nazanin Hafez: ‘Salt of the Lake’

Winner: BarTur / BaseCamp Student Award for Unity in Diversity

Ian Cheibub: ‘So Far, So Close'

Winner: BarTur / BaseCamp Student Award for Faces of Humanity 

Hossein Fardinfard: ‘Barbara’


We are delighted to collaborate with 

The Fort Institute of Photography in July 2023 to host the second exhibition of the 2022 winners.


The Fort Institute of Photography, 

Racławicka 99 Street, building 4,Fort Mokotów, Warsaw


Courtesy of Hossein Fardinfard

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