BarTur Photo Award is a not for profit organization that aims to find, support and recognize the best contemporary photographic talent. The award is looking for work that is unique, compelling and inspiring. To be judged by a panel of industry leaders.

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Photo courtesy of Bar-Tur Photo Award winner, Jack Latham. 

Established in 2011, the Bar-Tur Award was founded in memory of Ann Lesley Bar-Tur (1947- 1984). Ann was an exceptionally talented British artist and alumna of Chelsea College of Art & Design who died after a long illness in 1984. The award has been created by her family and friends in collaboration with the University of the Arts London.


The Bar-Tur Award 2019 is proud to support emerging photographers who are either current students and/or recent graduates looking for an opportunity to be exposed to the professional world of Photography as well as an esteemed panel of judges.


In its 6th edition, The Bar-Tur Award aims to transform the lives and careers of those who participate, like it has done for the previous winners. The Bar-Tur Award (2011 and 2012), in collaboration with University of the Arts London and The Bar-Tur Photobook Award (2014, 2015 & 2016) in collaboration with the Photographers Gallery have all supported, developed and promoted students and recent graduates to help them realise their potential. 


The Bar-Tur Award encourages diversity of photographic approaches that reflect vibrant and continuing photographic traditions whilst at the same time embracing and revealing how our students and alumni are engaging with new forms and approaches to image making in a technologically changing world and how they respond to and represent both their own personal contexts and some of the more pressing and dominant issues of our time. The anticipated range of work will represent fine art, documentary, fashion, advertising, journalism and other genres of image making. 


A key focus of the Bar-Tur Award has always been the immense power photography has to influence the way that we understand and engage with the world around us. Using photography as a means to express ideas and values, means that the Bar-Tur Award 2019 will cross boundaries and help bring communities together. 

The Bar-Tur Award is open to any student enrolled on any accredited degree course as well as those who have graduated under five years ago. There will be two overall winners, one in the category of Unity in Diversity winning $3000 and one for The Chris Wainwright Prize for Climate winning $1000. Winners and highly commended applicants will also receive a high-level mentor and be part of Bar-Tur Award exhibitions in Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin and Warsaw throughout 2019.

All submissions must be received by no later than X Xxxxxxxxx 2019.

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The Bar-Tur Award seeks submissions spanning fine art photography, documentary photography, fashion photography, photo journalism, and other genres of image making. Each year, a number of themes are provided. This year, the award will accept entries based on the following themes:


This award, in the light of BREXIT, the current tensions across and within international borders, the division of thought in the US, will celebrate humanity, bring the world together as one, and encourage cross cultural understandings and cooperation. With this in mind, the theme for this year is Unity in Diversity


The Bar-Tur Award 2019 will include a prize in memory of Professor Chris Wainwright, who was a dear friend of Amnon Bar-Tur and also one of the founding members of The Bar-Tur Award. The Chris Wainwright Prize for Climate is dedicated to Chris’ artistic practice which encompassed environmental photography, performance and installation to address pressing issues of climate change and how we as humans through our lifestyles and increasing demands for energy are leaving a potentially catastrophic legacy for our future generations. This entry welcomes single images or a series (up to 5) of images from those who are experimenting, documenting, illustrating or simply concerned with issues around Climate. 


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