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Pan Wang

Unity and Diversity

Pan Wang

Highly Commended

I am Wang Pan, a photographer from Beijing, China. My work focuses on the current situation in which China is developing. My works have been shortlisted for "2021 BarTur Photo Award" and also for the Zeiss Photography Award in 2020.

Broken memory, Changing hometown

Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China


Unromantic is the key word of this photo collection. All are about trivial daily life of ordinary people in the small town named Lintong, which is located in Qinling Mountains. Lintong is my hometown. When I tried to recall my memories about this town with people and things which I knew from childhood, I only found it was not what it was before. Like other booming cities, this small town lost its original appearance in the process of expanding. The town in my memory is fading away, but I struggle to keep the memory of the not-changed-town. I, now standing here, am a stranger to this familiar town.

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