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Anastasia Shubina

Faces of Humanity

Anastasia Shubina

Saint Petersburg


Anastasia Shubina is an artist from Saint Petersburg, working with documentary and conceptual photography, film, and video art. Currently based in Armenia. She has a philosophical education, as well as education in the field of cinema and photography. Her work has been presented at solo and group exhibitions, as well as at a number of film festivals in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. The works have been repeatedly published in Russian and international editions and are finalist of competitions. In her personal projects, she explores the themes of mythology, anthropology, and historical trauma.

Russian anti-war emigration

Yerevan, Armenia


On February 24, 2022, the Russian government launched a war against Ukraine, which caused strong anti-war sentiment in Russia. Several hundred thousand Russians were forced to leave Russia due to disagreement with state policy and the danger of political persecution. Armenia turned out to be one of the centers of Russian emigration, where over 150,000 people emigrated in 2 months. Many had to leave everything in Russia: apartments, work and belongings, however, they do not plan to go back and continue to protest against the war.

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