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Kelly Beckta

Faces of Humanity Single

Kelly Beckta


Kelly Beckta is a Canadian freelance photographer who has captured incredible images in over 100 countries across six continents over the last 34 years. Humanity is seen in her work, most likely influenced by her 27-year career as a registered nurse which has taken her to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Poland and the United Kingdom. During that journey she was able to travel extensively and teach herself the art of photography with a human touch, bringing forward the remarkable qualities of her subjects from around the globe.

Cuban Barber

Havana, Cuba


This shot of a Cuban Barber was taken in Havana, Cuba. I was on my way to dinner, strolling through the streets of Havana, when I came across an area of a few city blocks in total darkness. A glimmer of light appeared from a doorway, revealing this amazing scene when I peaked inside.

I asked permission to come in, and I spoke to the barber for a while. He explained that this was his government-issued housing with no electricity or water. He had managed to find a way to hook up water and electricity from the street for his shop and was running a successful business for many years. He showed me his appointment book, which was filled with clients, and people were stopping by to make appointments as we chatted.

I asked the barber and his client if I could take their photograph, and they agreed. They burst into laughter as I took many shots from all different angles. In the end, the shot from the doorway was the best. The lighting was just magical.

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