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Adrián Vázquez Rodríguez

Climate Change Series

Adrián Vázquez Rodríguez

Highly Commended

The photographic language related to sociology is the basis of all his work. The central axis of all his documentary photography is to offer a sociological vision of the reality in which he lives. To achieve this goal, during the last five years, he has been working on documentary and multimedia photography projects all over his country, dealing with different themes. The work he has been doing since then has been recognized by public institutions, the media and society. He alternates his collaboration with different media with his personal work. It is his personal work that has granted him different recognitions.




The Ribas de Sil incident, the worst of the year in Galicia, leaves a huge cost in extinction and greenhouse gas emissions. The result was 1,733 hectares destroyed (1,068 hectares of woodland) and the destruction of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Galicia. The fire had several simultaneous outbreaks that spread rapidly, causing great losses of natural heritage and houses.

The fires that affected the Ribeira Sacra at the beginning of September took more than a week to be extinguished. Fourteen helicopters, eight planes, 15 shovels, 63 motor-pumps, 66 agents, and 147 brigades, and personnel from the Military Emergency Unit (UME) were involved in the extinguishing tasks.

Every year, Galicia's ancient forests burn every year, leaving an increasingly desolate landscape and natural environment.

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